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Lauritzen Lab

All research projects have a translational scope. Our mission is to provide an understanding of how brain vascular function is controlled and how dysregulation may contribute to migraine, to the development of brain damage in animal models of aging, in neurodegeneration and in acutely injured human brain cortex.

In the past, the dynamics of brain blood flow control was based on an understanding of resistance in brain arterioles, while the exchange of substances between blood and brain was based on brain capillaries.

This notion has undergone an important change in recent years because it has been discovered that both arterioles and capillaries take part in: 1) substance exchange, and 2) blood flow control. 

  • Our primary vision is to provide a conceptual framework based on examination of arterioles and capillaries for an understanding of how the brain controls its own blood supply in health and disease.
  • Our second vision is to provide a novel conceptual framework for an understanding of the blood-brain barrier that will help us to examine the problems in disease and drug delivery from blood to brain. This is essential for being able to deliver novel drugs based on biomaterials in disease conditions, e.g. growth factors or therapeutic antibodies in neurodegenerative diseases.              

Key publication since 2010

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Overall publication metrics: Number of papers, 160. H index (Google Scholar) HI 58, i10 122 Patents: None