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About the Center for Neuroscience

The Center for Neuroscience was formed in 2017 by the merger of the three previously independent departments and centers for neuroscience at the University. Its mission is to apply the highest quality basic research in neuroscience to our understanding of brain function, to use that information to develop new approaches for treating neurological disease, and to teach the next generation of researchers and clinicians how to advance and deploy those new strategies to advance the health and welfare of Danish society. Our tandem goals are to establish the Center as an innovative and internationally-recognized hub for bench-to-bedside research into the biology and treatment of neurological diseases, and to develop novel educational models to ensure the research excellence and clinical competence of our future scientists and physicians.

Center for Neuroscience

Leaders of Section for Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience: Professor Ulrik Gether and Professor Jakob Balslev Sørensen.

Leaders of Section for Integrative Neuroscience: Professor Ole Kiehn and Professor Jens Bo Nielsen.

Leaders of Section for Translational Neuroscience: Professor Steven A. Goldman and Professor Maiken Nedergaard.

Center directors: Professor Steven A. Goldman, Professor Ole Kiehn, Professor Ulrik Gether.

Executive Center Director: Professor Steven A. Goldman